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Mini Jumpstarter

Mini Jumpstarter™ is a mulit-function Jumpstarter and POWER bank. 

your vehicle, bike, boat or ride on lawn mower.
with USB, your phones, cameras or tablets.
POWER UP               
with 12v, your portable fridge, TVs and many more devices


Code: MJS010

The POWER BOLT is not only a 600cca (cold cranking amps) Jumpstarter but an 18amp hour battery power bank.

Jumpstarting up to 7.0L petrol vehicle or 4.5L twin turbo V8 Diesel with up to 30 x Jumpstarts on a Full Charge.

The JUMPER CABLE is an 8AWG gauge 200C (Celsius) cable with a SMART BOX that has built in short circuit and reverse charge protection. Under voltage, over current, over temperature and Reverse polarity protection.

The SUPER JAWS are Spark-proof and are linked together to ensure the best connection to your battery terminals. The SUPER JAWS are made of PURE COPPER unlike other units that use copper coated jaws.

The POWER BOLT protective case & TOUGH CLAMPS are both made from fire retardant plastics and the unit is far more rugged with a rubberized grip.

The POWER BOLT is IP66 rated, making the unit Water and Dust resistant from all extreme elements (not submergible)

The POWER BOLT has a built in 3 function torch. Flashlight, Strobe and SOS modes with an emergency warning light that flashes Red and Green for safety when your out of POWER and your vehicle is broken down on the side of the road.

The POWER BOLT unit can be recharged via dual USB Port 12v Cigarette lighter Charger or dual USB Port 240v wall Charger. A recharge time of 4-5 hours with an automatic shut off protection, the battery will hold a charge for 6-12 months if left unused.

The Mini Jumpstarter™ intelligence (MJSi) is an integrated power charger, intelligently identifies your device and enhances the charging speed for most USB devices, taking the shortest charging time.

The POWER BOLT comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty